Fire Department Reporting System


Why FRS?

Better Fire Department Reporting = Better Insights

Our system serves municipalities in Manitoba, Canada.

We believe good reporting means good decision making. Our fire department reporting system provides an easy, structured interface to meet your department's most stringent reporting requirements.

FRS is a secure and simple way for fire department staff to store information on all incidents, including structure fire calls and motor vehicle accidents. FRS allows fire chiefs, municipal administrators and councils anytime access to their department's fire incident information.


Access FRS from anywhere there's internet

Managed Database

We handle all of the backend work


Simple form entry makes reporting a breeze

OFC Integration

FRS transfers your fire report data to the Office of the Fire Commissioner.

Create an Incident Report with Ease

The user-friendly incident report form allows easy report creation.

Summarize Your Data

Access your fire department report data anytime for summaries of incident counts and types.

Gain Location Insights

Understand where your department's incidents occur over time.

Explore all of the features

Incident Details and Counts

Retrieve incident report details and summarize information such as incident counts by category.

Incident Locations

See where your incidents happen via Google Maps.

OFC Reporting

Submit reports to the Office of the Fire Commissioner in less the time.

Manitoba Public Insurance Invoicing

Automatically generate Manitoba Public Insurance invoices for your department's motor vehicle incident claims.

Canadian Data Storage

All data is stored in Manitoba.

Manage Equipment

Record state changes on your equipment such as maintenance and replacement.

Long-term Records

Records are kept indefinitely.

Multi-User Access

Give your municipal staff access to summary information to include in reports or presentations.


Use the summary dashboard for visualizing fire department activity.

Training and Support

Each license includes one initial training with your entire department and continual user support.


FRS is fully documented if you need a refresher on a function or two.

Multi Device

Use FRS on a desktop, laptop or tablet via a web browser of your choice.

Created by


In 2017, the FRS fire department reporting system was launched by the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region to address a shared need for good record keeping and standardized fire and emergency reporting across all member municipalities. Partnering with Lynx Graphics Ltd. of Winnipeg, Manitoba to design and maintain the system, the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region along with input from Fire Chiefs, the Office of the Fire Commissioner, and chief administrative officers developed this standardized reporting system to:

  • Make reporting more convenient and consistent;
  • Meet municipal record keeping requirements;
  • Report to the Office of the Fire Commissioner to reduce reporting duplication; and
  • Expedite claims made to Manitoba Public Insurance.

The Winnipeg Metropolitan Region is now offering the system to all municipalities across Manitoba.

Start Here

If you are a fire department or municipality in Manitoba, Canada and would like to learn how you can take advantage of the FRS in your own department, please contact us:

+1 (204) 989-2048